October 2014                                                                                                                 Issue No 16
 Inland Revenue Department doesn't want cheques!

 The IRD are trying to discourage the use of cheques and push people into using internet banking which is administratively much simpler and less costly for them.

 From the beginning of October you are no longer able to make tax payments via cheque or lodge IRD forms at a Westpac Bank Branch.

 Payments can still be made at Westpac using cash or eftpos, but in most cases this is not practical.

 The payment options are now:

 1)      Payment via internet banking (make the IRD happy!)

 All the banks now offer this service to their banking clients. If you have broadband and are registered with your bank for internet banking, this is simple, the payments can be set up in advance to come out of your bank account on the right date and the payment details will be clearly notated on the bank statement.

If you are unfamiliar with payment through internet banking and would like Accumulus to assist you in setting this up, we are more than willing to help. 

           If you want to pay by cheque you have two options:

 2)      Mail your cheque to the IRD.

          However this needs to be done early:

 as payments now need to be received by IRD on or before the due date to avoid late payment penalties and interest being charged,

 the postal service is not what it was so to post a cheque to arrive in time we recommend that you mail payments to IRD at least ten days prior to the due date.

 3)      Get your tax payment cheque to Accumulus and we will courier it to IRD:

This applies only to the main tax due dates each month ie for Provisional/Terminal Income Tax Payments,  GST, RWT or PAYE.  

Payments must be received by Accumulus two working days before the IRD due date.

 Payments will be couriered to IRD early on the working day before the IRD due date.

Accumulus will take no responsibility for late delivery of payments that are received by us after 5pm two working days before the due date.