Happy New Year (the financial version) from all of us at Accumulus!

May it be a prosperous year for you with a minimised tax impost.



If you have a March balance date please don't forget to count and record your stock or livestock numbers, so these are available when we process the accounts for the March 2014 year.


Timing of Work

We plan to prepare your work at about the same time in the year as we prepared your 2013 work. Please let us know if for any reason you wish your work to be carried out earlier or later in the year.


Engagement Letter

When we contact you this year for your information we will also be asking you to sign a revised "engagement" letter (what we are doing for you, terms of trade and authority to act on your behalf). 


IRD (and ACC) require us to have a written linking authority for every single taxpayer that we deal with. In most cases we no longer have these authorities with the wording which is now required, and for some clients we do not have them at all (where they have been clients for many years).


We have been obliged to move from a concise one page document to a four pager principally to meet the requirements of IRD, ACC and the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants, but hopefully this one document copes with what might otherwise require two or three.


Xero Software

We are now using Xero for many clients where we have previously used Banklink for accounts processing and GST return preparation. Where clients are not doing any coding or processing themselves there should be no noticeable difference. Where clients wish to be more involved in coding and processing it is easier for them to be involved with this true cloud based software.



We look forward to working with you in the year ahead.


Kind regards





All of us at Accumulus