Accumulus Newsletter - April 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                


We are into month one of the new financial year and are looking forward to a much more settled year, with the trauma of last year's changes largely out of the way.
In the words of Queen Elizabeth (in 1992), the last year has been something on an "annus horribilis" for Accumulus - a year of massive change.

We made the decision to change our in house software from MYOB to Xero.

Although we were already familiar with how the Xero accounting packages work the transition involved also learning to work with the new Xero practice management software, Xero tax software and Suitefiles a compatible cloud based file storage software.

While most of the base data was transferred for us as part of the conversion process there has been a lot of tidy up necessary and particularly for each set of accounts there has been a lot of one off set up work required in the first year.


We have had an unusually high turnover of staff after many years of very low turnover.

Out with the "old"


We have sadly missed all of the following:

Janet Lacey - retired after more years than she cares to remember working for Accumulus and its predecessor firms. With grandchildren to look after her priorities have been changing!

Chris Hewlett - retired after the sale of their kiwifruit orchard, again after decades of working for Accumulus and its predecessor firms.

Maree Brown - was encouraged by a friend to apply for a job with a software firm in Auckland and was successful. Software has always been her forte having run a computer company in a past life. Maree had largely managed our transition to Xero.

Bev Oswald – retired after many decades of being a practicing accountant in Katikati, she has been winding down her workload over the last couple of years to the point where she now only has a very small involvement with Accumulus.

In with the "new" 

Aileen Davey - an experienced CA joined us well over a year ago and has very much settled in to be a key member of the team.

Jemma Boud - joined us last September with an accounting degree. Jemma temporarily manned reception as an introduction to the workings of Accumulus but is now full time accounts and is rapidly gaining the practical experience that will ultimately see her gaining a CA qualification. .

Heather Taylor – also joined us last September having "retired" from working full time for a CA in Auckland. She decided that back to full time in Katikati was too much, but we are very grateful that she is continuing to work for us processing GST returns from home.

Melissa Western - not a newcomer but her quick learning and adaptability has seen her moving away from the administration and reception roles into accountancy services.

Jodie Langley - has experience of working for a CA firm and joined us this month as full time reception and administration to fill the gap left by Jemma and Melissa.

Steady Hands 

Despite all the changes above the majority of our staff are still the same faces you know (and hopefully love). In alphabetical order: Alan, Carey, Karl, Paul, Renae, Sheryl, Tracey, Viv, and Yvette. All with expanded brains to learn and adapt to the new computer systems!



Will we see the same continued stability with Katikati accountants serving the community for decades?

Or perhaps Nigel Latta and other pundits will prove to be right and the development of artificial intelligence will see accountants quickly replaced by improved computer software.

No buffer between the IRD's all knowing computers and the taxpayer, how sad.

The IRD is busy working on making its services more accessible, user friendly and more immediately knowledgeable about taxpayers affairs. Revenue agencies around the world are co-ordinating to prevent cross border concealment of taxable income. Some of the recent changes will be highlighted in another newsletter on IRD developments which will follow very shortly.

However at present Accumulus would still like to employ another younger accountant who has experience working for a NZ CA firm using predominantly Xero software.

Over several months we have advertised online and through agencies with no responses from applicants with those attributes, so if you know of any such person please let us and them know.

We could now be in the process of moving somewhat towards the paperless society that was predicted to have happened many years ago. Storage of data "in the cloud" is located on terrestrial server farms dotted around the world growing rapidly in size and number, but less paper!

Practically for us that means we need to have two or three computer screens for each workstation, so you can work on one and look up information on the other/s. The cloud based software and data storage means less computer hardware and storing of hardcopy information and more flexibility and better access to information for us and our clients.

Yep, it has been a year of change and a big toe dipped into the future for Accumulus.


A Happy and prosperous financial New Year to all our clients.